Friday, December 7, 2007

The Great Big List of Resources

Paul Lima with the Professional Writers Association of Canada has given us permission to post a compendeum of writer resources that he's blogged about. It's a big list, so big in fact That It Requires Capital Letters To Show You Just How Big It Is.

Here ya go:


Job description for newspaper and magazine freelancers

10-steps to writing for newspapers and magazines

Ideas, Inspiration and Dogs

21 Rules for Writing Stellar Query Letters

How to Structure a Query Letter; Sample Query Letter

The Query Letter - How to pitch editors

The art of the query - how to sell article to magazines and newspapers

The art of the query letter

Keep your e-query letters out of the trash folder

Pre-query Query Letter can work wonders

When to follow-up with editors

You've sold the article idea, now what.?

Deflation & Freelance Writers


Establish Your Business Vision

Want to boost your business? Start with your business vision

Can a freelancer earn six figures?

How to become a six-figure freelancer in five easy steps

Writing Services You Can Offer Corporate Clients

Place Five Arrows in Your Marketing Quiver

Place Five Arrows in Your Marketing Quiver

Simple marketing task that generates repeat business

How to estimate corporate writing assignments

How much to charge for work

Freelance Writing: Do the Math

How Much Did You Earn Today? - Guest Blog

Questions you can ask a client before writing


Using the Web to sell books and special reports

Self-publishing & print on demand with Lulu


Do you have what it takes to become a freelance writer?

C-student does OK, but it took a while

Just an English major from York.

Temporary reprieve from insanity proves to be permanent, or how I became a
freelance writer

My father was a janitor; my mother a housewife and I am...

Send in the Writers: How to / Why to. Hire a Freelance Writer


If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've
always got

The business universe is truly mysterious

Is the Internet Stealing Your Precious Time?

The only thing writers have to fear is fear itself

Dark Dingy Basements of the Mind...
...and other reasons why writers can't write

Job was a freelance writer: New Research reveals Biblical scholar was
talking to an Editor, not to God!

Speech: (Almost) Everything you need to know about freelance writing


Send clients and editors your Holiday schedule

Using the Web to boost your freelance business

How to get Google to rank your website high

PR Primer for Small Businesses

Media Training & PR create a best seller


A creative but useful writing exercise

Creativity and Brainstorming

Know Your Target Market


Writers often do more than write


Carolyn Erickson said...

Wow - where do I start? Awesome list, Heather. Thanks.

Rose said...

What a list!
I'm going to bookmark this and peruse it when I have a little free time.

Aurelius said...

This is just a great list! Thanks for the resources and the links. I have bookmarked them. Thanks! :)

Aurelius Tjin said...

This is just a great list! Thanks for the resources and the links. I have bookmarked them. Thanks! :)

Ridwan said...

If you really did find a working formula that made you, say $1,000 a week online on average and it kept producing income no matter what, would you want to sell that idea to a bunch of noobs for $47 a pop and expect to retire on the proceeds? No way, man! It does not compute. It does not add up. And it does not make any sense to do that. I certainly don’t go shouting from the rooftops how I make my money online. Hell, I don’t want the competition taking a slice of my pie and neither would anyone who really does make good cash online.

Carolyn said...

And then who do you turn to when you yourself need some help or advice?

Many of us share what we've learned because we wouldn't be making a living online if someone hadn't freely given of their time and knowledge to help us.

And that's beside the fact that giving to others opens doors of opportunity to the giver.