Thursday, November 1, 2007

"...until you undo the ribbons you can never be sure."

Happy Nano everyone!

The title of this post came from the "Pep Talk from Tom Robbins" email sent out this morning from the folks at Nano HQ.

It refers to his point that any "rule" of writing can be broken with remarkable success if the writing works.

Here's what he says:

"Ah, but how can you know if it's working? The truth is, you can't always know (I nearly burned my first novel a dozen times, and it's still in print after 35 years), you just have to sense it, feel it, trust it. It's intuitive, and that peculiar brand of intuition is a gift from the gods. Obviously, most people have received a different package altogether, but until you undo the ribbons you can never be sure."

I think that sums up why I want to do Nano this year. Untie that package, folks, and see what's inside!

Just 1667 words a day, and at the end, we'll have a nice gift to ourselves. Whether it's crap or literary genius, we'll never have to look back and say, "I always wanted to write a novel."

Happy Nanoing! :)


FA said...

I am excited this is my first year participating! I couldn't even sleep last night lol.


Carolyn Erickson said...

I hope you spent the time (after midnight) writing then!

I have a deadline today for an article, which I will have to work feverishly on. (Yesterday was... well, long story but what a crazy day!)

Then I can get my 1667 in. :)

Not sure if I'm still going to "cheat" or if I'm just going to start over.

That's how much thought I've put into this, lol.