Friday, November 23, 2007

I can't show you my office(s)

I really wanted to show everyone where I work, cause after years of sharing every inch of space I had in my house with two children, several friends and a partner, I've got not one, but two office spaces - one in my attic, where I go to paint, to create and to hang out with myself, and the other in our family dining room - not as solitary, but just as nice, cause its got our book cases, a log fire, and the surround sound music system.
And there's two reasons I can't show em off - one - the attic is up a mountain - errrr...stepladder of mountainous proportions and I haven't been up there since I fell down the stairs and probably more importantly, two, we're reorganizing the house.
My dining room contains more paperwork than I know what to do with, though, oddly, I consider my work 'paperless' - or did till they started insisting I print essays. So there's a swamp of papers, that are going to be prepared for recycling.
In one corner, precariously towering over anyone that sits at the table at that side, is four boxes, stuff to the gunnels with books, note pads, text books, folders, fiction, fact, photography... we moved here over a year ago, but we're still unpacking, as we get rid of things and make space for more. In the other corner, a solidary pot plant stands, looking fairly folorn. We took it off the windowsill to repain the surrounds and its missing being in direct sunlight.

One thing that did occur to me, early on, was that I'm going to have to do something about my office space soon anyway - we're getting a new scanner and printer and there's really NO ROOM for them. So today is going to be spent looking at book cases, and desks and filing cabinets. Once we're all set up again, I'll see if I can share ;)

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