Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Feminists could have just stopped like, one or two steps sooner.

Oh, go ahead and flog me with a wet noodle, but I'm only kidding. A little.

Lately I've developed a reminiscence for an era I never experienced (and that probably never existed in reality). After two weeks of tight deadlines and other stuff I needed to do but can't remember anymore, I LONGED for the days when my biggest challenge would have been trying to vacuum in my high heels.

Of course I'm a huge fan of equal rights for women. The idea that women can't do something because they're women is stoopid. But when feminists said we could do anything, did they have to keep talking? Just stop right there: "We can do anything."

But oh no, somebody somewhere started saying we could have it ALL! Not just anything - now we have to do EVERYTHING!

And I don't blame men. It's not their fault they can shoot baskets all day long and still miss the hamper and the potty. That's genetic. What's more, they don't care if we clean up after them or not. That's US feeling like we have to do it. (Yeah, 'cause we don't want to live in a pigsty.)

Disclaimer: Actually, my husband is one of the new, improved kind of men. He made dinner twice last week (without me asking) and bailed me out of a few other things when I had to work. (He is the primary breadwinner in this family, but he's not afraid of a little housekeeping.) Which is great. I am so thankful!

So no, not complaining about him.

I'm just not a multi-tasker. Well, I am for specified periods of time, but then I'm brainless during a short recovery period. That's when I usually look up at the clock and ask, "What can I make with 5 spaghetti noodles and this shiny brown apple?"

I want to be the perfect housewife. I know women who are. Even women who work. (Oh wait. I forgot again that I work too. It's easy to do when there's no steady paycheck coming in!)

Ah, but I'm am so gloriously happy sometimes, though. I would never want to have to choose between all the things I get to do. Sigh. I suspect it isn't the feminists' fault after all. It's me who wants to do everything.

I just wish I were better at it!

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