Friday, October 19, 2007

I Told Them, "I am a Writer."

I just started a local playgroup in my area because I felt it was needed. Turns out there are 11 mothers interested in the playgroup. We now have two sessions--one A.M. and the other P.M.

Our first AM session went well. Thursday, at our second AM session, we, adults, became a bit more comfortable with each other, we even asked more personal questions--like what do you do for a living?

As my turn came around, I told them that I teach part time and that I am a writer. I said "I am a writer" as if I had been a writer for ages. After I had said that, I surprised myself, but I didn't it show it on my face--you know, I stayed cool, sophisticated *smile*. The other mothers were impressed.

They started asking me questions like what do I write about? Online or Print? I answered all their questions.

I just had to share my excitement because that is the first time I had declared to the world that "I am a writer." Now, I know that is what I will tell people when they ask me about my occupation.


Carolyn Erickson said...

Ooh, good for you, Faten.

I love it every time I say it. And I do say it now. People ask me if I work or stay at home, so I say I work at home. Then they always ask what I do. So what else am I supposed to say? :)

It's very fun, isn't it?

Good for you!

Um Omar said...

Bravo! It's nice to have something to say besides 'homemaker' which just doesn't have the right connotation. In Arabic it is 'woman of the house.' I just hate that. I would rather say writer any old day.

avenuez said...

This post made me laugh. About six weeks ago I answered the same question the same way, and I startled myself!

Congrats on your title. You deserve it.

FA said...

Thanks Carolyn! It is very fun!

Um Omar: "Woman of the house" is equivalent to here in the U.S., as "Lady of the house." I agree I don't think those are appropriate titles for a woman because of her diverse, yet very important roles she has.

Avenuez: Thanks! Writer to writer!