Monday, September 10, 2007

The Never Ending List

Will I ever reach the end of my to do list? I highly doubt it because people, especially mothers always seem to find something to put on their to do lists. Don't believe me? Go talk to a mother. If she doesn't physically write a list, then she mentally forms a list that stays in her mind.

I haven't exactly figured out why we always have to be busy by following some kind of list. I have been thinking about why mothers are constantly "listing". I am not sure if society has programmed the role of motherhood. It is looked down upon if a mother isn't crossing achieved tasks on her lists, physically or mentally.

Although, I speak of the above, I am one of "them". There. I admit it. I list. I list everything using a pen, pencil, even a marker, and paper, notebooks, pads and even scrap paper. I even use the computer. As if listing things on paper or the computer screen isn't enough, I even list mentally. Things I have to get done. Things I have already gotten done. People to see. Places to go. Things I would like to do in the future. I can go on and on. My list of things to do always gets longer and longer.

Maybe my enjoyment or "addiction" of writing lists has to do with the fact that I am writer. I love to write things down. I enjoy seeing words forming before my eyes.

Not only am I a list writer, maybe I'm a multitasker as well. That is another topic to write about on another day.

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