Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moving on

I’m not leaving you guys, never fear ;)  I am leaving a couple of writing contracts though, that for one reason or another, don’t fit with my plan for my life as its now extending out before me.

There’s a grain of truth in the concept that we open doors with every choice we make – I’ve got SO many open doors now though, that I’m being buffered in drafts.  As the temperature drops where I live, I’m also finding that the ‘temperature’ is dropping in my writers soul – I’m spread too thin, and choosing to pull some doors closed behind me.

As writers, its hard to move on, or out of our comfort zone – but as writers, we’re supposed to confront that face on – our writing grows based on conflict, either internal or external.  To move on, we have to challenge ourselves to grow.

Growth can be easy – you can take some steps that are slightly uncomfortable, but beyond your usual.  Like a baby bird stretching your wings, or a child taking your first steps, you can do it, and still ‘make it back’ to the comfort of the familiar. 
For fiction writers, this could involve writing a different form of fiction – flash, a short, or starting or continuing on a novel.  Non fiction writers could query ‘the next step up’ on the ladder.

On the other hand, growth can be hard.  Moving on from regular contracts is hard, but sometimes essential.  People stifle, and wither if we stay in shadows.  Choosing to move or extend a long way out of your comfort zone can be very painful but well worth it.  More akin to jumping from a cliff and finding that first thermal, than stretching baby wings, its an amazing experience.  Scary, exhilarating, and deeply satisfying, you’ll find it addictive.  And its worth it too.

Take that step today and spread your wings and fly ;)

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Carolyn Erickson said...

It's true about growth and change -- for nonwriters too.

Wonderful post, Kai. :)