Friday, September 28, 2007

Is writing a curse?

I posted on my new writing (amalgamated) blog, about writing being a curse - and I wondered what you guys thought.
Writers are cursed.

Now, yes, that’s also pessimistic. Of course it is. We’re cursed.
Cursed becuase we can’t - really – switch off. Writers just don’t think like other people – we take innocuous comments, store them in a subconscious area somewhere in our mind, and at some point, like feeding part of an equation into a computer, we extrapolate, we ‘solve’ the rest, and we spit it straight back out.
Our social lives also suffer. Writers, by their nature, aren’t particularly social – though we want the spotlight, we want it for what WE are saying. WE, as writers, generally don’t want to share, subvert, or even pull an iota of that attention from our works
(from Languagedump)
Having said that its also a blessing. You've got both sides of the coin :) What do you think?


Aisha said...

Yes, I admit that I have heard someone say something and immediately thought, "Oh, I could use that!" I guess we are cursed to be forever "on" and looking for material.

Jim Murdoch said...

I get it totally.

There's a throw away line in one of my novels that pretty much says it all:

"Writers don't have real lives. They have ongoing research."