Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Days 14 and 13 of Ramadan

Day 14

My son's preschool friend's mother asked if I would like to start walking with her before the weather turns cold. We would walk when we dropped our sons off--which is a perfect timing. Exercise is always a must. She said we could wait till Ramadan is over. I told her no, let us start this Friday. She was surprised. I told her not to worry, I have been fasting since I was a little kid. I am used to fasting.

On my way home from teaching class, I had a white chocolate mocha. Yummmmmm...I felt I deserved a nearly $5 medium cup. I even bought one for my mom. Actually, it was her idea. She asked if I could grab a white chocolate mocha for her when I was done teaching. I told her that sounded really good.

Day 13

Quiet day. By now the grumpers are become less grumpy and more at ease.

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