Friday, September 21, 2007

Day Nine of Ramadan

Today I met my cousins in laws at the park with our kids. My cousins in laws were fasting like myself. They were very relaxed, yet with a good sense of humor. One of my cousins in laws, said that she was hungry, and she couldn't stop thinking about food. So the other cousin and I started teasing her by saying that we could use a nice, cold Pepsi or water. We would just laugh or giggle.

Keeping an eye on our kids occupied us for a while. By the time we left home, my cousins in laws mentioned that time flew by when we met at the park. They told me that we should meet every day.

I had dinner at my parents' home again because DH is working. DS and I didn't stay long after we finished eating because he was exhausted from playing outside, and he was ready to go to bed.

Although, I don't eat dinner with my DH, I have to give him credit because he fasts while physically working. I asked him if it was difficult. He mentioned to me that the only time it was difficult is when they had coffee breaks. He breaks his fasts at work with a light meal. When he comes home, he'll eat dinner that I prepared or brought from my parents' house.

Tomorrow marks the 10th day of Ramadan. I will be sure to discuss the significance of the first 10 days and what the next 10 days mean. When we get closer to finishing Ramadan, then I will discuss the significant of the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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