Saturday, August 18, 2007

Spending Time With Your Child

by Faten Abdallah

I am always looking for ways to spend time with my child, a four year old preschooler. Often, I try to make it "Edutainment". I want my preschooler to always be learning, yet having fun. So, I came up with a couple of activities that you or a special adult can do with your child.

Activity One: Have your child draw a picture. Once he or she is finished drawing,tell your child to describe the picture that he or she produced. Record exactly what your child says. Children are the one of the most creative beings on this planet. They also say the cutest things.

Activity Two: Get some construction sheets together, so that you and your child can make pictures. Once the pictures are finished, have your child come up with the story. Write the story as told by your child. This will be something to keep, and give it to your child once he or she becomes an adult.

There are many different writing activities that can be done with you and your child. Not only are you spending time with your child, you are encouraging writing skills, which is a weak area for many students.

Don't be afraid to come up with your own ideas!

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Serenity Now! said...

We have a writing book that we work on each morning. My son has a little trouble with printing (I hear that lots of boys do) and it helps him... plus I look forward to giving it to him when he's older.