Friday, August 31, 2007


I'm doing a fly by posting - cause I'm actually on holiday. So no photo this time :)
The kids and I have been spending the last week with my mother - who has planned a week filled with adventure, excitement, screaming (roller coasters) and two very tired bunnies - that would be me and her.
My mother and I are very similar - something that struck me sitting in the car next to her. We laugh the same - we even THINK the same. Seemingly its quite funny to watch. Mum and I get on really well - but she lives so far away that we have to pack so much into a week that by the end of it we're so frazzled!

And yep, I'm officially a student now. I get my card - I have to finish enrolling tonight onto the system at the university - and give serious thought to changing my degree already. I've been offered the chance at a masters degree, one year faster than it should have taken me. I'm sorely tempted, but I'm worried about being pigeonholed. Being pigeonholed as a writer though isn't all that bleak of a prospect - the thing about pigeonholing is it doesn't cover all the other stuff I can do, and understand. And I don't like to judge people solely on qualifications, and unrealistically, I guess, don't want to be judged solely on academic merit.
Anyway, I'd better get to bed - its my son's unofficial birthday party tomorrow and more screaming and stomach churning fun :)

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Serenity Now! said...

I remember thinking quite a bit like you Kai... but then I realized that pigeonholing is just what other people do based on your reputation.

I worry very little about my reputation.

I concern myself with my character. That's what really matters.